Prevent microplastics from entering the water with a microplastics-filter

Each washing cycle, 10 to 20 million microplastics are released into the surface waters through our washingmachines.

The result is many ill and dying animals, a damaged ecosystem and plastic particles in our food and drinks.

We can prevent this from happening with a microplastics-filter for washing machines.

20 million fibers

On average synthetic clothes, particularly fleeces, release 20 million fibers during every washing cycle.


71% is synthetic and not bio-degradable


On your body

Synthetic fibers end up in the surface waters of the world where they remain forever. They are often ingested by animals.

... in your body

The tiniest synthetic fibers can enter the tissue and organs of fish and shellfish and may eventually end up on your plate and in your body.

This needs to stop

We can prevent synthetic fibers from entering the water with a microplastics-filter.


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the solution

A microplastics-filter for your washing machine

Together with a number of partners from the business community, within the government and the scientific world, MarcelvangalenDesign is working on the development of a IoT Microplastics-filter for washingmachines. Until now this project has been financed by MarcelvangalenDesign with some help of the Government. This Research & Development cooperation has finished. Now we are looking for partners to further develop this product.

Our partners can help us by donating their knowledge, their network and a financial contribution to cover the costs of the basic research activities.

Filter Sketch
Filter Sketch

IoT solution

Microplastics filters are able to filter 90% of the microfibres. We added a unique IoT solution. This way, users can be compensated for the costs they are making: using a microplasticsfilter can lead to reduced taxes.

The app enables users to check on the state of the filter and make data available to Water Boards and organisations who take care of the periodic replacement of the filter.

Help us (and the world!)

Prevent microplastics from entering the water! You can help us in different ways:

Become a sponsor

You can become a sponsor for € 15.000,-.

Do you want to become a sponsor? Send us a message and we will contact you shortly!

Sponsors get:

  • connections with other social responsible innovators
  • mention of you or your organisation as sponsor on
  • a personal interview on the website in newsletters and other channels
  • the possibility to join sponsor events and contribute to them as a speaker
  • materials to use on your own media channels to draw attention to the problem and the solution
  • first chance to invest in commercial solutions
  • the possibility to be part of our think tank and donate your knowledge and network


Every little bit counts! Ofcourse we appreciate donations. Contributors get the opportunity to be the first to purchase a filter with a discount.

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